Ithaca Hash House Harriers 2016 Hash Weekend Campout

The Ithaca Hash House Harriers opened registration for their 2016 Hash Weekend campout, to be held from 19-21 August 2016.  They haven’t posted many details yet, but the theme seems to be Saturday Night Live and their events are renowned for being fun and memorable.  As noted on the web site:

Registration fee includes Haberdashery, ID Tag, Pub Crawl, Trail Beer, Circle Beer, Food and Beer at On-In, DJ/Dancing. Haberdashery not guaranteed for any registrations received after August 1.

Ithaca H3 has opened $99 rego on their web site now.

Red Dress Run Information

The best place to find information about the famous Red Dress Run and where to find one in your part of the world is  The site provides a single calendar highlighting all the  Red Dress Run events around the globe, as well as the history of the event, including the ‘untold’ story of how it started:

The Hash House Harriers qualify as the world’s largest running club. Despite their size and having been founded in 1938, their Red Dress Run may be the only completely original idea they have ever had. And it happened nearly by accident.
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US Nash Hash Beer Camp in Ohio 2016

Ohio Nash HashThe Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus H3 kennels are hosting the US Nash Hash Beer Campout on 5-7 August 2016 in Clarksville, Ohio. For your $169 registration fee, you’ll get food, beer, trails, cabins, an enclosed dining hall, and undetermined event haberdashery.

From their event web site:

Like all things hash-like, subject to change as we iron out the details. Included in your Rego: cold beer; camping site fees; cabins with fans, electricity & nice cushioned bunks – 10 people per cabin; 5 meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner, and Sunday breakfast); snacks; air conditioned mess hall; trails; hash olympics; skits, schwag to be determined.

NOT included: Optional Thursday night prelube in Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus; your sleeping bag & pillow (special arrangements can be made for those flying in staying in cabins, fill out the Rego); RV hookups (they just don’t exist at this site); 16 year old life guards (Please drink & drown responsibly); your dignity

Registration is capped at 175 hashers and is still open, payable by credit card only.  If you’re interested, it’s not too late to rego here.

Campout with the Baltimore Annapolis Hash House Harriers 2016

Baltimore Annapolis Hash House Harriers Logo

Baltimore Annapolis Hash House Harriers Logo

The Baltimore Annapolis Hash House Harriers just opened registration for their fall campout at the Jug Bay Natural Area in Maryland on 23-25 September 2016.  The BAH3 is offering lots of amenities and activities, including (from their website): electricity, showers, beer, real bathrooms with hot and cold water, beer, grills, wood, heated spa, beer, trails, probably enough food, beer, a slipnslide, etc. They’ve also listed a beer mile, dancing, a naked night run, and lots of trail and beer.

Rego is $97 until 31 July, $107 until end of August, $117 after that, and is capped at 75 signups. Surely this event will sell out, as over 35 have already signed up, so register now if you’re thinking of it at this link.

New Orleans Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run 2016

The New Orleans Hash House Harriers organizes a huge annual Red Dress Run, and 2016 is no exception. Last year the NOH3, through its red dress event, raised over $169,000 for 73 local charities. From their web site:

2016-Red-Dress-flier-MIt’s about time to be looking for this year’s red dress. You know they say it’s bad form to wear the same dress two years in a row.

We were able to give just over $169,000 to 73 local charities from the 2015 Red Dress. That is only possible thanks to all of you who registered and partied with us FOR New Orleans. Red Dress 2016 will be on August 13th (always the second Saturday} and registration will be open on April 1st. If you would like to know more about the New Orleans Hash House Harriers and hashing in the area, we suggest that you check us out at Come hash with us.

They provide an open beer bar, great food, a 2 mile run through the city, live music, and, this year, will support over 100 local charities. Register here.

Las Vegas Red Dress Run 2016


The Las Vegas Red Dress Run is a Hash House Harriers event raising money for local charity, and is happening on 21-23 October 2016. Money raised will benefit the domestic violence shelter Safe Nest. Last year the Las Vegas Red Dress Run 2015 brought in $7,350 for Safe Nest. Worthy!

Reno isn’t open yet but is promised soon.

For more information, go to their web site , Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Register for the Huzzah Hash House Harriers Texas Interhash 2017

huzzah logoRegistration is open for the Texas Interhash 2017, hosted by the Huzzah H3 at the Sherwood Forest Faire in McDade, Texas on 5-7 May 2017. The Huzzah H3 kennel frequents local renaissance festivals and host an annual Red Dress Run in September that benefits the RESCU Foundation, which assists ren faire participants with health expenses.

From their website:
We won the bid for Texas Interhash 2017! We are so excited to begin planning TXIH to be held at Sherwood Forest Faire in McDade, TX right outside of Bastrop. The dates are still being negotiated with the venue, but as soon as we know, y’all will too – We promise! If you have not already filled them out, the documents needed to rego are below, as well as the Who’s Cumming list. Continue reading

Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run 2016 in Fresno, California

ammi_phillips_gallery_4_large_26aThe Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers are hosting their first Red Dress Run in Fresno, California on 15-17 July 2016.  Registration is cheap at $69 and capped at 75 regos (about half have been sold as of early June).  Proceeds will go to benefit Animal Rescue of Fresno.

From their Facebook event page:

Come one! Come all! To the Coyote Ugly H3 Red Dress hash, a.k.a. heat stroke weekend and help drink our beer!! Everyone knows Fresno in July is known by world travelers as “THE” place to vacation and drink beer, rivalling Vegas, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Continue reading

Rego Transfer for 2017 InterAmericas “InterAm” Hash

phoenix cactusWhile regos for the 2017 InterAm Hash for 6-9 Oct 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona sold out in 3 days (25 months in advance!), they are transferable if you find someone who purchased but can’t attend.  Per the web site:

Is it possible for me to still buy a rego to the InterAmerica’s Hash?
No. It is nearly impossible to find anywhere to fit 2000 hashers as is. There is no leeway there to take on more attendees. However, buy from a friend! All registrations are transferable. You know the drill, with an event that sold out in 3 days 25 months before the event, I think MAYBE a hasher or two MIGHT have a change of plans and sell their rego. Chat up your friends. And lovers. Continue reading